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用高效的枫诺Flowrox PVG管夹阀取代隔膜阀!

Flowrox PVG is a robust pinch valve made for processes involving abrasion, corrosion and aggressive slurries. PVG offers substantial savings based on improved performance, long service lifetime and low total cost of ownership.

PVG valve is an integral part of the pipeline when in the open position. Anything running through the pipeline can also pass through the valve with no flow restrictions. When valve is closed, it is 100% tight shut-off even with particles.

Being a full port design the valves require the least pumping energy and do not reduce system head pressure. 

Installation is trouble free and valve includes pre-installed rubber sleeves with opening tags, which withstand tough process conditions. This ensures long valve lifetime and minimal maintenance costs. All these features add up to lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Flowrox PVG, a cost-effective shut-off valve:

  • Face-to-face according to industry standard - easy and quick installation!
  • No flow restriction due to full bore structure
  • Only the rubber sleeve is in contact with the medium
  • Extremely wear resistant
  • 100% tight shut-off even with particles
  • Opening tags as standard
  • Simple and low-cost to service
  • Available also with pneumatic and electric actuators
Lowest total cost of ownership!

You may forget these problems:

  • Restricted flow due to valve structure

  • Limited differential pressure
  • Wear and breakages caused by turbulent flow, build up and light valve structure
  • Frequent maintenance due to rubber of teflon linings



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