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FlowNews 3/2017

Representative Newsletter

FlowNews 3/2017

FlowNews 3/2017

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From the editor

In between

The summer has come to an end and the autumn is slowly making itself felt. Where as in the southern hemisphere the nature is waking up again and turning into spring. Through these seasons we are in continuous shift and change. Especially autumn and spring are times for transition and being in between seasons.

Sometimes, in the seasonal changes or changes in our environment we might experience a sensation of being in between. Not there yet, but somewhere on the way.

Flowrox has internally announced that we are entering the filter service business. The work is in progress and we have gained new knowhow into the house and new products. The strategy is being fine-tuned, new partners mapped and customers are being approached. 

The Flowrox Filter services is definitely a change and we are in transition, in between. Entering this new business and industry might also create a sensation for many of us of being in between, not exactly knowing where this new path will take us. I am sure we can all feel the excitement of the change.

We have a strategy that we are following and actions are taking place. This momentum of change will grow into blooming business and will take Flowrox to new business opportunities. The in between is where growth, innovation and patience live. We learn and we develop continuously.

In this FlowNews we talk more about the Filter service business and the reasoning behind it in the CEO’s greetings and news section.

Enjoy your seasonal change and happy readings with Flownews. 

Inka Tuononen
The Editor

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CEO’s Greetings

Eventful and busy summer for Flowrox

Here in Finland the summer is turning into autumn and we can feel this not only in the change of weather, but also in the shift of pace in the office. I see everyone returning from holidays filled with new energy. The past summer has been eventful for us. We had our annual sales conference in June, where it was very nice to see so many of you.

As we already shared in the sales conference, we are entering (or should I say returning) into the Filter service business. Now we have made the first move by acquiring Spare Parts Depot Inc. (SPD) from Baltimore USA, a company specializing in Tower Press spare parts.  The integration process between Flowrox and SPD has started and you may read more about the first steps of this process later on in this newsletter.

The Filter service business opens new avenues and opportunities on our way forward towards strategic targets. In addition to the first acquisition in the field, we have taken necessary actions to support the development by bringing in new team members that have knowledge and contacts in the filter business. You may read more about these new colleagues from the What’s up section. Due to new business expansion we need to look at our sales and service networks as well. I am asking if you have an interest of pursuing into this new business area with us? In case you have customer contacts or market information in this area, please do share your knowledge with us. We do need competent and well connected ambassadors.

Additions to our Pump offering

The Packaged Pumping Systems™ is a new addition to our global pump portfolio and it was introduced in June at the sales conference. The product has been successful in our USA markets and we see potential for the product in other markets as well. This engineered customer solution differentiates us from the competitors. I strongly encourage you to get to know to the product by reading more from the product launch release and seek for sales leads for this product.

Signals from the Markets

We have witnessed improvements in metal price levels, lot of activities in revamping coal fired power plants, a global trend of debottlenecking process and the markets have been picking up slowly. The plants are making smaller investments especially in the maintenance and repair which gives us positive outlook for our day to day valve and pump business and the services. 

In order to reach our growth targets we need to capture more projects. I encourage you to be active in sales but also in listening to the customers what is coming as we are interested in hearing about early signals on local projects. Is it then a project of OEM or engineering house, it is good to be active in the projects and keep close contacts to all directions.  We have experienced that the pumps and valves can be part of either of the scopes and therefore we want to follow carefully.

In the field of our competitors there has also been movement. Our biggest competitor in Knife gate valves, Clarkson,was a while ago acquired by Pentair. Now Pentair was acquired by Emerson. Emerson being a huge company with own existing network, they are now releasing many of their Clarkson representatives and focusing to sell directly through their own sales channel. We are expecting this move to harm their business, at least in short run and opening new opportunities for us. Power plants are one of the industries where they have been strong. We will sharpen our offering in big knife gates in order to meet the customer needs in this field.  The aim is to gain market share quickly in the power plant industry through the excellent heavy duty knife gate products we have. Todd Loudin and Raimo Lavikainen can help in argumentation in case you find such customer cases in your market area.

We are experiencing interesting times in many sectors of our business. 

I am inviting you to enter this new strategic path with us. I wish you all happy autumn and I hope active participation from your side.

Together we can make this happen!

Jukka Koskela
Flowrox CEO 

Flowrox change
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What’s up?

As announced in the Sales Conference, we are entering into the Filter Service Business as a part of our 100M€ growth target. We have already taken our first strategic step by acquiring Spare parts Depot Inc. (SPD)  an North American company specializing in filter spare parts. 

The integration process has started and during this autumn we will integrate the SPD’s operations to our own. More information on practicalities and how the changes will show up in our daily work will be given as the integration proceeds during this autumn. We will also discuss with our representatives of how we could possibly utilize our existing sales network for this particular business. 

Our public marketing actions related to the Filter Service Business at this point are considered very carefully. We have not sent out any massive press releases over the acquisition nor promoted the products yet. Instead we are focusing on direct marketing with the existing SPD customers, as well as with selected new customers. 

The target customer group for our Filter Service Business at the beginning is Pressure Filter customers, by providing them with spare parts, consultation and services. New employees with filtration & filter know-how have joined us to develop this new business area. 

Considering that Larox®* was established by Vartiainen family back in 1977, we at Flowrox continue the heritage of family business we once were part of. The performance of every Larox® -filter is still important to us.

The core of our offering is excellent customer service and through-out understanding of filtration related challenges our customers are facing. Our target is  to make the filter users feel that they are supported and they can fully rely on Flowrox Filter Service expertise and knowledge.  

*Larox® is a registered trademark of Outotec Oyj. Flowrox and Spare Parts Depot are companies different from Outotec, and have no agency or distribution with said company.

The People: 
We have invited new people to join our Flowrox family: 
Eero Enovaara started in the beginning of June and is responsible for Flowrox´s Master Data management tasks and system development related to our business platform applications and sales and service business tools. Eero will also manage software trainings and deployment process globally. Eero is part of Business Tools organization and reports to Samuli Henttu. Eero joins us from Outotec Oyj and he had extensive career also with Larox Oyj with multiple roles related to Filter Business support and CRM.

Kimmo Kylämies started at Flowrox in August and is the Team Leader and Superior for Technical Product Managers. He is responsible for development of spare parts for filters and sales support and integral part of the Filter Service Business development. Kimmo is part of Technical Product Management organization and reports to Simo Manninen. Kimmo has background from Larox Oyj, RF-valves and Outotec Oyj.

Aimo Rautanen started at Flowrox in August and is responsible for filtration textile development and sales support. Aimo has long history and vast background in Filter Cloth Product management, research and development. Aimo is part of Technology organization and reports to Jarmo Partanen. Aimo has previously worked for Tamfelt and Outotec Oyj.

Esa "Osku" Oksanen started with Flowrox in beginning of September as a Business Line Director, Filter Service. Osku is responsible for developing Filter Service Business. Osku is also known as "Mr. Tamfelt" as he has worked for several years supporting PF users to optimize filtration performances. He will be part of Marketing organization and reports to Simo Manninen.

Sherry Zhuang has started in August as a Financial Controller at Flowrox China and supporting the team in Shanghai office. 

Eerik Honkiniemi has resigned from Flowrox, as he has decided to enter new challenges. Eerik’s position of Procurement Manager will be filled as soon as possible. Eerik’s last working day is October 11th

Zuzana Nemeth has resigned and the position is being filled as soon as possible. Zuzana's last working day is October 6th. 

Molly Jones (Bragg) has left the company from her Marketing Communications Coordinator role in the Inc office and the North American role is being filled at the moment. 
Tuukka Falkenberg has left Flowrox and the Smart Solutions team in July and decided to look for new challenges at Visedo. 

Tools and software
As introduced in the Sales Conference, we have a new tool to support Representatives in following up with the campaigns that we run from Flowrox. The tool is called Campaigns and can be found in Flowrox Pro.

And when we talk about campaigns, we refer to direct marketing / newsletters that are send out to target customer through Flowrox CRM system Vineyard and related sales actions and follow-up. 

The main purpose of this Campaign tool is to ensure the best sales results by focusing on right customers and right applications. It also enhances the communication between Flowrox sales / marketing and the representatives through transparency. With the Campaign tool, we can create leads for the sales and give the sales a reason to contact a customer. At the same time, this tool gives an instant feedback to marketing communications if the marketing campaigns are working and allows us to reflect back to our CRM system on updating customer data. 

The Campaign tool communicates in visual way: 
  • The customers who are the customers that have received the Flowrox marketing Campaign via email. 
  • This helps the sales/ representatives to see the customer and gives a reason to give a call 
  • The customer data: name, position, email and phone numbers are available as long as this data is available in Flowrox CRM, Vineyard, as that is where the data is derived from 
  • In different colors, we can communicate the customer has: 
- received newsletter
- been contacted by phone
- been visited 
- has made a purchase based on this campaign  

Eero Enovaara is available to set up hands on trainings, to review how to benefit from the new tool in FlowroxPro.

Scaling Watch
We are withdrawing Scaling Watch from active sales. 

The product has not met the expectations. Biggest drawback has been its incapability to measure exact thickness of scaling in alternating process conditions. However, it can still be used successfully in cases where trend of scaling is enough for the customer. Scaling Watch materials have been withdrawn from our website. In case you have any Scaling Watch related materials on your web pages, we kindly ask you to remove this information. 

For more information, please contact your local area sales manager.

Flowrox news
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Events & Conferences

Sales Conference 2017

The main and biggest event in our calendar is definitely the Annual Sales Conference. This year the Sales Conference was organised for 25th time and attracted over 100 participants. 

The event was held for the second year in a row at Kehruuhuone in the fortress of Lappeenranta. The venue is actually former women’s prison, and the name of the place can be translated as “spinning room” – back in the day, women who were serving their time in prison were put to work spinning thread. 

We enjoyed two eventful days, the highlights of which were the product launch of Flowrox Packaged Pumping Systems (read more) and the internal announcement of entering into the filter business. 

The theme of the conference was “Get Smarter” indicating the new developments that have taken place with smart solutions and Malibu. Our representatives and sales team worked together in workshops, brainstorming innovations and ideas for how to sell smart solutions in their market areas. They were also introduced in the Get Smarter demo corner to various new smart technologies, such as HoloLens technology, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The evening programme consisted of our traditional Nuutinnokka night, complete with a sauna on Lake Saimaa, sausages and Koskenkorva. The closing dinner was organised in a cave outside Lappeenranta that was built during the war to accommodate Finnish troops. 

Our representative of the year award went to Hydro in Poland for their excellent sales work – congratulations! You can read more about Hydro in our “get to know your colleague” section. 

The sales conference ended with our outing day, which this year was a golf lesson or golf tournament. Finally the sun came out, so we enjoyed warm weather and sunshine on the greens of the Tuosa golf course. This golf tournament was won by Toni Turkkila. A golf tournament is promised for next year’s sales conference as well, so you can start working on your game! 

IMWA – International Mine Water Association Congress
Right after Midsummer, from 25 to 30 June, Flowrox participated in the 13th International Mine Water Association Congress in Lappeenranta. The theme of this year’s international congress was “Mine Water & Circular Economy”, which was discussed in 243 oral and poster presentations. Flowrox participated with a booth and a presentation. 

You can read more about our upcoming events in our events section:

Flowrox FlowNews 3-2017 case3 HoloLens technology at a Get Smarter demo corner Flowrox FlowNews 3-2017 case5 Traditional evening at Nuutinnokka Flowrox FlowNews 3-2017 case2 Sales Conference Outing Day: Golf lesson or golf tournament
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Update on Flowrox marketing campaigns

Our ongoing marketing campaigns that we recently launched with a customer newsletter are the Smart Campaign, Packaged Pumping Systems (PPS) Product Launch and Flowrox Engineering Assist Tool (FEAT).


This campaign aims to boost the sales of our Smart Solutions™. The objective is to gain references in this field, to attract the interest of customers and to establish their loyalty for this product. This campaign will continue until the end of this year.

Special offer: Buy a pump – get SMART features for FREE

Industrial Internet is here to stay. We can help you adjust to the change. For a limited time only, you will be able to purchase a Flowrox Smart Pump for the price of a regular pump. Read more.


Our Packaged Pumping Systems™ (PPS) is a product that we have been selling successfully in the US market for a while now, and at the sales conference in June we announced internally that we were launching it on the global markets.

The objective of this campaign is to inform our customers about the availability of this product solution, to attract their interest and to persuade them to buy it. PPS represents a real competitive advantage for us and a way in which we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors as a solutions provider – a one stop shop.

The official external product launch took place on September 12th 2017. A press release was sent out along with the customer newsletter.  You can read the press release here.

Training for this new product can be arranged upon request. An interview with Joshua Baci, Product Manager for PPS, can be read in the Meet the Flowrox people section of this edition of FlowNews. 


This campaign has been rolled out across our markets in the form of personal site visits. 

We are planning to create an extended FEAT marketing campaign in Finland and Latin America at first, and roll out to other market areas based on request. Please be in contact with your local area sales manager. 

The objective of the campaign is to promote Flowrox as a solutions provider for engineering firms and OEMs and to encourage them to use this tool when sizing and selecting products for projects. The aim is to be a close and easy partner for engineering firms and OEMs and to get our foot in the door in order to become involved in big projects. 

If you are interested in these campaigns or would like further actions in your own market area, please do contact your area sales manager.

We can arrange training and you can receive your personal login passwords for this tool by sending an email to Henlo.Blignaut @  

Flowrox Web_advert_Smart_Campaign_new
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Greetings from the Market Area

Surfactor Finland

Pumping solution working reliably with a host of different chemicals 

Industry challenge: Consistent quality 

Process challenges involve numerous variables. Surfactor, a manufacturer of surface materials, is not alone in facing the challenges of ensuring process quality. The biggest challenge for the industry is to produce consistent quality, as the diverse and not homogenous raw materials. 

Surfactor Finland Oy has been manufacturing resin coating films since 1983. The special coating films are based on amino and phenol and manufactured in Puhos at Kitee by coating the paper with resin.  The membrane film that is produced is suitable for coating veneer and other types of plywood. Surfactor supplies these membrane films for various applications within the construction and automotive industries, which demand durable and quality consistent products.

Stabile accurate dosing flow helps optimize the process 

“Due to the variations in the quality of the paper, resin and additives, as well as humidity, the process needs to be monitored continuously. The fewer variables there are in the process, the easier the work of the operator becomes. The operators can then focus on overall quality control instead of worrying about the performance of the auxiliaries,” explains Eino Kuronen, Operations Manager, Surfactor Finland.

To ensure accurate and reliable operations, Surfactor ordered seven new LPPD pumps from Flowrox. The purchase decision was made after successful three months of testing the Flowrox LPPD pump for colour pigment dosing. 
Hose pumps also for resin dosing  

The successful trial period with the Flowrox LPPD pumps for colour pigment dosing encouraged Surfactor to extend the application to resin dosing. The diaphragm pumps that Surfactor used previously faced a typical performance challenge, jamming of the diaphragms. The thickness of the pigments caused an inconsistent and inaccurate pumping flow rate. 

“We were not satisfied with the air-operated diaphragm pumps because of the challenges of adjusting properly the accurate dosing flow with the pump. With the new hose pumps the dosing is very accurate,” Kuronen confirms.
The availability of spare diaphragms for the air-operated diaphragm pumps was also complicated. 

“The new hose pumps are very easy to maintain, as the hoses need to be changed only twice a year and spare parts are readily available and nearby,” Kuronen adds.

 “Spare parts for our hose pumps are manufactured by Flowrox Lappeenranta and are always available off the shelf,” ensures Matti Saloranta, Flowrox Area Sales Manager. 

As a responsible manufacturer, Surfactor keeps its own spare parts in stock, however motors are not kept on the shelf. 

“We really do appreciate the fact that the spare parts provider is nearby, so if something major would happen, the needed spare parts can be delivered to us fast,” Kuronen states.

The quality of hose materials is essential for durability

Flowrox has over 40 years of experience in elastomer technology. When delivering a solution to the customer, each process and application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the customer is given a quotation for the most suitable solution with the optimal materials. 

Flowrox recommended to Surfactor an NBR hose for the feed of the removal substance. The colour pigment used in Surfactor’s process is almost pure oil, so a nitrile hose was the best option. The reliability of Flowrox products is based on process expertise and the optimal selection of hose materials based on the colour pigment and the application. 

Surfactor has successfully extended the application of its new pumps into different process areas. 

“When we started co-operation with Flowrox, we had some issues with the circulation pump and the durability of the hoses. Together we were able to resolve the issues quickly and since then equipment is working very well. Recently we have ordered a new pump for the feed of lye (sodium hydroxide). I can recommend Flowrox products, as they have worked very well in our applications and processes,” Kuronen continues. 

The focus on operational efficiency and quality at Surfactor reflects a positive trend in the company. Surfactor’s main markets are in Finland, where there is strong demand for its products.


Surfactor Finland Oy is part of Surfactor Germany GmbH, which has three manufacturing facilities in two countries. The group is continuously looking to introduce best practices and process improvements. The company’s plant in Kitee, Finland, produces 40 million square meters of membrane film a year. The Finnish plant’s turnover represents 25 percent of the Group’s total, and it employs 33 people. 

Flowrox FlowNews 3-2017 case1 Flowrox LPP-D dosing pumps are suitable for the most demanding process conditions and applications. Flowrox FlowNews 3-2017 case Eino Kuronen, Surfactor Finland Oy:n Operations Manager, has 30 years’ experience from the Kitee Puhos manufacturing.
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Greetings from the Market Area

LKAB mine Sweden

Pumping 72% rocky solids

Industry challenge: Efficiency
Flowrox hose pumps were chosen for the LKAB tailings treatment project based on previous experience. “We first learned about Flowrox hose pumps at a Paste Conference in South Africa and were interested in this pumping technology,” says Thord Wennberg, Technical Process Development, LKAB.
“We used a LPP hose pump for our first thickener, but it was not in operation for longer than one month before we shelved it. We took the pump out of duty as the slurry was so thin that pump was not needed. With our second thickener we knew that our slurry would be thicker, so we decided to have a go with the hose pump again. We were aware of the benefits of Flowrox pumps compared to centrifugal pumps,” Wennberg continues.

Flowrox Solution: Pumping 72% rocking solids
For the new plant LKAB chose LPP-T100 transfer pumps that are able to pump up to 76% solids. “The fact that the hose pumps are suitable for paste and high-density slurries is important to us.

However, at the moment we are pumping 66 to 70% solids. The capability of the pumps to effectively pump solids is very crucial for us in the water treatment facilities. The slurry is dense enough to enable us to save water and maintain the flow,” states Åsa Partapuoli, Senior Process Engineer, LKAB.

Reliability is what we look for in a pump
“We have been working with the three pumps in the thickener plant for one year now and they have been operating well. The most important thing for us in terms of pump performance is that they function reliably. All the other benefits come after that. If a pump is not reliable, there is nothing else to benefit from either,” states Ronny Martinson, Maintenance and Operation, LKAB.
“The initial lifetime cost calculation (LCC) for the hose was estimated at three months. After the start up and optimization of the plant we are now on somewhat of a normal duty. If we increase the pressure and the density, then of course also the wear
increases, which affects the LCC,” explains Björn Gardelin, Minrox, the Flowrox representative in Sweden.
“We have experienced that the Flowrox LPP hose pumps handle solids in the slurry better than other pumps, and that’s very good because we have occasionally to deal with large particles,” Martinson says.
“The Flowrox hose pumps incorporate an advanced rolling design were larger particles can be handled in high pressure with minimal wear. The pumps can run dry and be operated 24/7. The pumps’ rolling design eliminates friction, maximizes hose life and lowers energy consumption. Flowrox pumps are able to handle up to 76% solids,” Gardelin reveals.

“They seem to work quite well, and there’s no need to change the hoses too often. We are now on a 3-month hose change cycle according to the LCC calculation. As I mentioned earlier, reliability is something that we look for in a pump. Now we are looking into expanding the hose lifetime to 6 months. The only challenge has been the hose change due to the large size of the hose and the roll. Luckily, they do not have to be changed more often than four times a year,” Martinson adds.
“We are now looking into training the LKAB maintenance staff to provide techniques and safety for the hose change, which will make the work easier and faster but also safe,” says Gardelin describing the future cooperation with LKAB.

Local relationships enhance operations
“We have enjoyed a good relationship with the customer. We supported LKAB throughout the project and installation. We had frequent visits and telephone conferences to solve issues, maintain contact and provide support,” states Gardelin from Minrox, the Flowrox representative in Sweden.

“We do have a good relationship with quick help for solving problems,” Björn Henriksson, Project Manager LKAB, confirms. “Even though we do speak English and some of us Finnish too, it is important to communicate in Swedish and to have a local contact when dealing with large projects like this one,” Henriksson adds.

LKAB’s ambition is to increase production by 5 percent a year up to 2021.This will entail increasing capacity and efficiency also in the waste and tailings treatment. LKAB has already placed an order for fifth pump for the project.

LKAB Svappavaara is one of the oldest pelletizing plants in Sweden and LKAB being the second largest producer of iron pellets in the world. With annual production of iron ore products amounting to 26.9 million tonnes in 2016, the annual tonnage of tailings disposal is also considerable. For decades LKAB used a dam as disposal method for tailings, but in 2012 the company decided to deposit the tailings in Svappavaara at a high solids content and introduced a project to build a tailings thickening facility.

Flowrox Customer stories LKAB Flowrox LPP-T pumps incorporate advanced single roller design, which eliminates friction and lowers energy consumption. Flowrox Customer stories LKAB location_H1I1313 The LPP-T100 is one of the world’s largest hose pumps, with a maximum continuous flow of 100m3/h. Flowrox Customer stories2 We work closely with our customers to support them in every step of the project.
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Reportage from marketing

In search of the perfect picture

I have to admit, I am very happy with the new visual image that Flowrox is introducing. It has involved continuous work for more than a year since we started to harmonise our collateral and marketing materials. 

A single strong identity creates a stronger brand message. It also makes things easier for us in marketing, as well as for our stakeholders and customers, to follow. 

We switched from having an outside designer to creating all templates from scratch for all situations. Now we have a set of templates for almost any situation and that we can modify in any language. This makes our work fast, efficient and cost effective. 

New brochures 

Instead of having numerous sets of brochures, we decided to go back to valve and pump catalogues. The process was long, and the most challenging part was preparing the reference case articles and accompanying images. 

We realised that, even if we had the images, either their resolution was not high enough or we did not have authorised permission for their publication. So we started from scratch here too: preparing templates and sending out invitation letters for reference articles, invitation letters for photo shoots, approval forms for reference articles and photo permission forms. 

We also created a photography manual for photographers outlining the type of images we are looking for, including the style, the people, the brand, the set up, the angles and the lighting. 

After all that groundwork, we were able to start looking for the best locations for reference images. For our LPPT 100 we decided to ask LKAB.  Our representative Minrox in Sweden contacted LKAB and coordinated the schedule and entrance permissions for Flowrox and our photographer.  Minrox explained to the customer our aim and also requested permission for a photo shoot and interviews. 

Together with Minrox, Flowrox’s sales and marketing communications team together with our photographer visited the customer’s site for two days. Day one was spent checking for locations and creating a plan and schedule, while day two was reserved for the photo shoot and interviews. 

The photo shoot was very efficient thanks to our professional industrial photographer. We took very good shots of the equipment and surroundings. We were well perceived by the customer, and representatives of LKAB even agreed to feature in the images. 

After the photo shoot we got straight down to work with the photographer, processing the images and choosing the best images. Permission was then sought from the customer to use these images. At the same time work began on writing the article and getting it approved.


The amazing images from LKAB can be seen all over of our new pumps and valves brochures. I am most proud of the dynamic cover photo captured by our photographer, the talented Mikko Nikkinen. The condensed version of the LKAB success story can also be seen in our pump brochure, while the full version is online and in Pro. 

Inspired by the amazingly dynamic photos captured for the pump brochure, we could not allow the new valve brochure to be published using the old images. So Mikko and I turned some stones to find a suitable location fast and close by. Sometimes miracles do happen and we managed to get photo clearance, permission to enter the site, organise a photo shoot and get clearance for the images all in just two days. This just proved that where there is a will, there is a way.

If you have a reference that you think would make a great location for images for promotional and reference use, please contact Flowrox’s marketing communications team. We are always in search of the perfect picture! 

Flowrox_0517_LKAB_location_H1I1036 Flowrox_H1I4792Mikko Nikkinen Flowrox Customer stories1
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People in Focus

Meet the Flowrox people

Who are you? 

My name is Joshua Baci
Where do you come from?
Brewer, Maine USA
What do you do at Flowrox?
I am the SOP and Engineering Manager for Flowrox INC, as well as the Product Manager for Peristaltic Metering Pumps, and Packaged Pumping SystemsTM.
How long have you been working at Flowrox? 
I have been with Flowrox for 10 years. 
Most memorable moment in your career?
The installation of 6 LPP-T Packaged Pumping Systems for Thickener & Clarifier Underflow in the Matte Processing Plant at VALE INCO Sudbury, Ontairo. 
What do you do on your free time? Hobbies? 
I spend my two little girls and Wife in Baltimore, MD. 
I also perform Improvisational Theater in the city.
Describe yourself with three words: 
Devoted. Creative. Adaptable. 
The previous interviewed person Rafael, wanted to ask from you: 
”How would you convince customer to buy Flowrox Products?” 
 By showing the total cost of ownership and offering a whole packaged solution. Show the customer that Flowrox is a partner through the life of their application not just the product.

Josh, what would you like to ask from the next person in Focus?
What do you envision the future of Flowrox to be? What excites you about that?

Flowrox josh_site Meet the Flowrox people: Joshua Baci
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People in Focus

Meet the Representative

Meet the Representative

In this issue of FlowNews we meet our Representative of the Year: 
Php ”Hydro” Eugeniusz & Arkadiusz Dobroń Spółka Jawna from Poland!

Tell us about your company:
PHP HYDRO E&A Dobroń Sp.J. is a private trading company that was established in Poland in 1973. For more than 30 years HYDRO has worked in close cooperation with industrial customers, especially within the energy segment. The experience we have gained has helped the company to become a market leader in Poland. 

The pumps and valves we deliver are installed in many industrial sectors that involve the pumping and transferring of fluid in general: power, chemical, petrochemical, oil, rubber, paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile, food, concrete, naval and agricultural. We specialise in the selection and assembly of pumps, spare part sets and industrial valves. We actively participate in the selection of equipment for new investments in the energy segment in Poland.

Our policy is to provide a simple and reliable product that is manufactured according to the highest quality standards in order to satisfy all the needs of our clients, who often require customised pump and  valve solutions to handle a variety of liquids with different viscosities, flow rates, pressures and temperatures.

We represent the leading Polish and foreign producers on the basis of authorised representative and trade partnerships. Our knowledge and experience in services has enabled us to gain the recognition of customers in all industries and also among designing and implementing companies.

How did you become a Flowrox representative?
We started in 2014. Flowrox was looking for a professional trading company that could be the face of Flowrox in the Polish market. HYDRO proved to be a good partner because we had a lot of experience in supplying fittings, mainly to do with investment projects in the energy sector. 

We were very interested in cooperation because Flowrox products complemented our offerings. The products offered by Flowrox fit in with our policy – that is to say to provide a simple and reliable product manufactured according to the highest quality standards that can handle non-standard liquids and parameters.

How is the market in Poland?
The market in Poland is very diverse and generally difficult. There are many other manufacturers in Poland, so there is a competition rule. Often the main choice criterion is the price of the product, which by definition excludes high quality. We build the trust of our customers by providing them with complete solutions, an important part of which involves high-quality products. 

We have been working in the same markets for years, such as the energy and chemical industries. We collaborate with clients who know us from previous projects and who believe in the reliability of solutions we offer.

What makes your business successful in Poland?
We provide superior-quality products, more effect service, the best price/quality ratio and the best tailored solution for the individual requirements of our clients. We represent only the leading producers. The portfolio of products combined with our knowledge and experience have enabled us to gain the recognition of regular customers and engineering companies.

Have you considered expanding your business outside Poland?
We haven’t considered expanding our business outside our home market. Maybe, in the future... let’s see!

What is your favourite Flowrox product?
We try our best to represent all Flowrox products. So far, we have most experience with the sale of pinch valves.

What motivates you to work?
The vision of success motivates us to work. If you work and see that your job has concrete results, it gives you the energy to work even harder. Each successive success, no matter how small, gives you satisfaction. Success is not always to do with sales - this will come with time. If you understand what you are doing and learn from every situation - even if you fail – then you should like what you do. It is the best way to motivate yourself.

What is your most memorable moment with Flowrox?
Every opportunity to interact with Flowrox is very important to us. We remember every working meeting, together with Flowrox staff, service visits or long conversations in order to find the best solution for our customer. 

Particularly memorable are the Sales Conferences, where the nice, even family atmosphere allows us to feel like we are among friends. We would like to thank the Flowrox Team for this, and we wish you success in your business.

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The family behind Flowrox

Interview with Timo Vartiainen, Chair of the Board of Directors

Flowrox is owned 100% by Capillary (established 1991) the investment company of the Vartiainen family. 

At the beginning of last year Capillary witnessed a historical moment of change in the ownership of the company. The second generation of the Vartiainen family passed on the major portion of Capillary shares to the third generation, and at the same time the third generation became members of the Board of Directors. Flowrox is now owned by the grandchildren of company founder Nuutti Vartiainen. 

The children of Nuutti Vartiainen (Timo Vartiainen, Karoliina Kupias and Katariina Aaltonen) retain a 10% shareholding in the company, while the rest of the company is owned by the third generation: Noora and Petteri Vartiainen, Pietari, Pyry and Roope Kupias and Henriikka, Matias and Matilda Aaltonen. 

Capillary, which is an active investor, is keen on investing in new developing technologies and companies. “We have invested approximately 10 million euros in Flowrox and in various small start-ups. Through these investments we are involved in providing work and employment for 200 people," reveals Timo Vartiainen.  

Capillary has holdings in five start-up’s at the moment. We asked Timo how he discovered these companies: “These companies found me,” Timo admits. “The regional development agency asked if I wanted to come and listen to some start up pitches. That is how we ended up investing in two of our companies, Rocsole and Savroc. Coloured Wood Product actually came to us at an ice hockey game featuring the local team Saipa.” 

“I get several contacts monthly about new start-ups looking for investors,” Timo continues. “Initially we invested in companies that we found interesting and that we thought had business potential. Now that our portfolio of the companies has become quite large, and as the variety of requests and companies asking for investments has become quite extensive, we have honed our investment strategy so that new investment targets have to benefit Flowrox’s business in some way.” “One great example of finding synergies in our investments is company called Process Genius (PG), which is actually a start-up of a former Flowrox employee. We invested in the very beginning phase and PG has helped us in developing or Flowrox Pro sales tool and Malibu™ Platform,” Timo concludes. 

Read more about the Capillary's holdings: 

Name: CWP – Colored Wood Products

Ownership: 46.3%
History: Investment owner for the past 10 years
Board membership: Katariina is Chairman of the Board
Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
Personnel: 12 employees 
Products: Colored wood products. Provides wood e.g. for the gun industry, Raakatukki interior design products, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Luhta & Osuuspankki headquarters.
Markets: Biggest markets in Europe, entering USA

Name: Savroc 

Ownership: 9.26%
History: Invested 4 years ago
Board membership: Timo is Chairman of the Board
Personnel: 3 employees
Location: Kuopio, Finland
Products: Patented technology/method for chromium process. Currently used technology might be banned in the near future. This technology is environmentally friendly and sustainable and creates more durable products. At the moment Savroc has license agreements in Spain and Germany. Savroc is also active in various other industries.

Name: Aurelia Turbines 

Ownership: 9.12 % 
History: This university start-up was looking for an investor and we were there to support their growth. 
Board membership: Heikki Kupias is member of the Board
Personnel: 15 employees
Location: Lappeenranta, Finland 
Product: Two-phase gas turbine that is one of the most efficient types of turbine in the world. A pilot turbine operates at the university, and manufacturing of the product is also in Lappeenranta. This product has plenty of potential, as it can serve various different industries as a sustainable electricity source.

Name: Process Genius 

Ownership: 25% 
History: Jani Akkila, a former employee of Flowrox, shared his idea about this company and Flowrox saw the benefits of creating synergies. 
Personnel: 20 people 
Location: Joensuu, Finland 
Board membership: Timo is Chairman of the Board
Product: Process design on a platform for industries where visuality and data meet creating added value for the customer. Customers include Fortum, Stora Enso and Flowrox. An example of Process Genius's (PG) work is Flowrox Malibu. "With PG the benefits of the investment are obvious. There are great synergies between the companies, and I do not think we would be here with Malibu without the investment. Both FlowroxPro and Malibu are spin offs from this cooperation. The company’s target is to grow to 1 million euros this year.”

Name: Rocsole 
Ownership: 10.65%
Board membership: Timo is member of the Board
History: The regional development agency invited us to hear the pitch of Rocsole. We saw the synergies and decided to invest. 
Location: Kuopio, Finland; Houston, Texas, USA
Personnel: 15 employees
Products: Rocsole’s Scaling Watch was a product that we saw would fit well into our portfolio. We made an agreement in which Rocsole would concentrate on the oil industry and Flowrox would be responsible for other industries. The Scaling Watch has been struggling in some industries but has plenty of potential in the oil industry, so Rocsole has already gained other investors, including Repsol, Spanish Oil company, and Shell Tecnology. It is interesting to see how this will develop.

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