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Flowrox introduces new PVG pinch valve

Release date 09/03/2013

Flowrox, which is known for its forerunner attitude, introduces again a new, pioneering valve solution. The PVG valve is a robust pinch valve with strong metal body, simple bullet closing mechanism and opening tags in the inside sleeve as standard.

“The PVG valve is a result of a longer development work and 35 years of experience in the valve technology and demanding process conditions. This new product has been developed on request of our customers from various industries”, tells us Simo Manninen, Vice President, Valve Division of Flowrox.

Strong product for hard conditions

The PVG is a continuation for the elastomeric PVEG valve that was designed already some years ago to meet the needs of the customers who were looking for a lightweight but durable valve solution. The PVG is a stronger version based on the successful design of the PVEG. These two valve types will complement each other in heavy duty processes.

The PVG is developed for processes involving pressure resistance, heat, abrasion, corrosion and aggressive slurries. It is a reliable isolation valve especially for tanks, thickeners, pump isolation, automatic valves, measuring devices and sampling systems.

“Like other Flowrox pinch valves, the PVG has various end-use areas. There are several dimensions available from 50mm to 250mm and it can be used in high process temperatures up to 120 °C. PVG also has opening tags in the sleeve as standard and therefore it can be applied with crystallizing media that normally causes valve failures”, says Simo Manninen.

In the open position, the PVG valve is at full bore with no flow restrictions. Therefore it is an integral part of the pipeline and anything flowing through the pipeline can also pass through the valve. Being a full bore design the PVG valves require the least pumping energy and do not reduce system head pressure. The installation is trouble free and the valve includes pre-installed rubber sleeve that withstand tough process conditions. The sleeve that guarantee non-clogging is the only part in contact with the medium. It is bubble tight and easily replicable if necessary.

Cost savings to customers

If this new and effective product has a slightly higher initial purchase price as the competing products on the market, where does the savings then come from? “The savings come from the improved performance, long service lifetime and the low total cost of ownership”, lists Simo Manninen and adds: “The maintenance interval of the PVG valve is several years. The only spare part is the sleeve. In operation, the valve functions totally trouble-free and is 100% bubble tight. There is no unwanted downtime and thus the overall process efficiency increases. If you compare the operating costs of the PVG valve to other kinds of valves, our solution is typically the lowest in costs.”

In other words, the pioneering new PVG is worth the money.

Process benefits:

-  Opening tags to ensure reliable operations

-  No jamming or clogging

-  No unwanted scaling of the media

-  Full bore design: free flow of the medium, least pumping energy required

-  Higher temperature rate up to 120°C

-  Low maintenance costs

-  Long service intervals

-  Reduced cost of ownership

Further information:

Contact us at or see our PVG valve brochure.
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