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Larox High Performance Slurry Valves in Brine (Salt Water) application

Release date 03/01/2011

Larox Flowsys has recently sold six (6) Manual Larox High Performance Slurry Valves to a major generator of electrical power in the United States. They operate generating plants in various states. They now generate 30,000 megawatts of electrical energy.

These six Manual Larox High Performance Slurry Valves valves are on brine service, specific gravity being 1,0. The brine is used to regenerate the water softening system. They were attracted to a few key features of the Larox valves.
- 100% tight shut-off
- Long sleeve lifetime
- Dual closure on valve centerline
- No jamming or clogging
- Ease of repair

They had used ball valves and butterfly valves in the past and they were looking for better shut off capability and longer life between service intervals.

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mobile: +358 (0)45 878 3528

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