Flow Control Solutions for cement handling

Cement is an abrasive substance by nature and this shows in all parts of the manufacturing process. Flowrox has delivered over 5500 products to boost the process performance in several hundred cement plants.

Customer challenges

The performance of any reliable process starts with the basic components. What first can seem like an affordable option for a flow control equipment, can quickly turn into big maintenance costs and downtime. The importance of the right selection is highlighted even more with very abrasive mediums such as cement powder, slurries and grinding aid chemicals.

Cement is  typically very abrasive and difficult to handle even at low process pressure. Abrasive particles and high velocity causes short service intervals in addition to operational issues for conventional flow control equipment. This inevitably leads to unwanted costs and downtime.

Our solution

In the long run, it is essential that flow control equipment that is part of the process is reliable and enables low total cost of ownership throughout lifetime. This does not only reduce spare consumption but also significantly reduces maintenance hours and downtime.

Flowrox flow control solutions are built to last in harsh process conditions found throughout the cement process. They are designed to withstand wear caused by abrasive mediums containing particles and powders by effectively limiting it to the elastomer sleeve or hose found inside Flowrox pinch valves and hose pumps.

Ideal applications found in dry and wet cement processes:

Flowrox Heavy Duty Valves
Flowrox Heavy Duty Pumps
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Silo feed/ discharge
  • Storage tanks

  • Process pipelines
  • Pump isolation
  • Bagging

  • Grinding aid dosing
  • Chemical dosing duties

Excelleng wear resistance against harsh mediums such as cement powder Seal tight closing minimizes the risk of any leakages The inside sleeve is the only replaceable part and also only thing in contact with the process medium Full bore structure with no pockets or cavities
Low total cost of ownenership based on advanced single roller design enabling long service intervals and low energy consumption Accurate and reliable dosing, ideal for applications such as grinding aid dosing
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