Flow Control Solutions for power generation

Flowrox products are ideal for demanding applications found in coal-fired power plants, bio-gas generation as well as biomass and waste consumption. So far, Flowrox has over 4 000 successful installations in over 200 power plants and the number is growing every day.

Customer challenges

In a process environment, where some of the most corrosive, scalable and otherwise demanding medias like lime and ash are part of everyday life, technical challenges in flow control are common. Any lightweight flow control equipment can easily cause continuous maintenance and even risk the stability of the whole process.

Despite these challenges it is vital for operators to ensure constant and safe power generation. The performance of any process starts with the equipment and when it comes down to corrosive, abrasive and demanding conditions, choices really matter.

Our solution

To achieve high process efficiency, it is very important to select the right equipment for the right application. Traditional valves are suitable for many general applications, but when it comes to corrosive, abrasive and tough conditions, choice really matters. In the long run, Flowrox products designed to withstand these conditions will quickly recompense their own cost and provide actual value in the process.

Having been used successfully in energy industry applications for several decades, Flowrox heavy-duty valves and pumps are an ideal option for the challenging conditions encountered in various power processes. Flowrox products have proven their performance in difficult applications such as:

Flowrox Heavy Duty Valves
Flowrox Heavy Duty Pumps
  • Flue gas desulphurization
  • Lime handling
  • Gypsum handling
  • Fly / bottom ash handling

  • Silo and tank separation
  • Hydrocyclones

  • Coal preparation
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Chemical dosing
  • Slurry transfer and dosing duties

Self-cleaning structure. Any scale breaks away automatically when the valve is operated. Excellent wear resistance. Only the inside sleeve in contact with the medium. Typical service interval up to 2 years depending on the process medium.
Low energy consumption due to the rolling design. Runs continuously at high speed without overheating. Ease of maintenance and time savings to change the hose.
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