Oil & Offshore

Robust Flow Control Solutions for oil and offshore

Flowrox has supplied over 1,500 products to several drilling and production platforms for many years in the oil and offshore industry.

Customer challenges

The modern society is depended on the stable availability of oil.  Since the functionality of a modern society relies to a huge extent on crude oil, it is then very important to employ high tech and cutting edge technological processes to ensure effectiveness in the process.

Process efficiency starts from the components and their reliability and it is essential to verify, that every equipment is designed and optimized to endure. In addition to this, in an environment, where safety matters the most, it is critical to ensure that the components like valves and pumps are designed for conditions involving abrasion and demanding process mediums.

Our solution

Flowrox heavy duty valves and pumps offer process reliability, low maintenance costs and long service intervals and are safe to operate. Flowrox products are built to last in the hardest environments and are naturally wear resistant due to their structure. The elastomer sleeve or hose inside the valves and pumps effectively limit the wear and tear and are simple to replace on site.

We operate under ISO 9000:2015 and all equipment is tested before delivery which ensures that the quality consistently stays the same.

Benefits of Flowrox valves       
Benefits of Flowrox pumps
  • Excellent wear resistance      
  • High corrosion resistance
  • No jamming or clogging
  • Self-cleaning
  • Full bore and 100% tight
  • Dru running capacity
  • Self-priming in suction-lift duties
  • No mixing or shearing of the medium
  • Exact flow per revolutions - accurate flow

Ideal applications:
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Drilling and exploration waste

  • Heat exchanger isolation

  • Separation unit

  • Drilling cracks handling
  • Flow control
  • Tank isolation

    Robust valve structure with elastomer sleeve that is the only part in contact with the medium Full bore structure that enables free flow 100 % tight closing and reliable operation
    Advanced single roller design which eliminates friction and lowers energy consumption No overheating at high continuous flow rates due to the roller design Wear resistant hose is the only part in contact with the medium Pump hose is the only replaceable part and can be easily changed on site
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