Pulp & Paper

Heavy Duty Flow Control Solutions for pulp & paper

Flowrox has delivered over 4000 products to over 400 pulp and paper plants globally. Flowrox products are ideal for demanding applications such as recausticizing, coating kitchen, or high viscous paste pumping.

Customer challenges

Both the pulp process and paper manufacturing processes include several abrasive mediums that are very difficult to handle for example starch and lime mud just to name a few. Green and white liquors also present several challenges like scaling in the pipeline and therefore cause jamming especially with valves. Failure to ensure tight shut off can create a safety hazard and on the other hand failure to open the valve causes production losses. Therefore, it is critical to ensure reliable operation.

Our solution

Flowrox heavy duty valves and pumps are optimized for harsh process conditions and are extremely wear resistant due to their structure.

Flowrox pinch valves are self-cleaning and resistant to jamming due to the elastomer sleeve inside the valve as well as opening tags in the sleeve to ensure opening.

Flowrox pumps have high capacity and are designed and optimized for the most demanding paste pumping. They are carefree and easy to service on site when needed.

Our solutions are ideal e.g. in recausticizing, coating kitchens and in fiber lines. Also in water and waste water treatment our products have succeeded extremely well.

Flowrox Heavy Duty Valves
Flowrox Heavy Duty Pumps
  • Control duties
  • Filter feed and isolation
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Pump, tank and pipeline isolation

  • Paste pumping
  • Chemicals

Higher capacity with lower rpm compared to conventional PC pumps Low total cost of ownership: low power consumption, high hydraulic efficiency and flow rate Fast maintenance enable by a patented mechanical shaft seal
Self-cleaning structure that prevents jamming or clogging Opening tags in the sleeve structure to ensure reliable operation Full bore structure without pockets or cavities
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