Water & Wastewater

Reliable Flow Control Technology for the water and wastewater

With over 18 000 products in more than 1 150 water and wastewater treatment plants, Flowrox offers pumps and valves that are able to withstand some of the most demanding applications. Flowrox has the valve or pumping solution to meet the challenge within the Water and Wastewater Industry.

Customer challenges

Isolation and control are the two most important words in the Environmental Industry. Whether it's protection from abrasive or corrosive applications, Flowrox valves will protect the environment while keeping up with performance. Flowrox pumps and Packaged Pumping SystemsTM withstand the most demanding process applications while offering safe and reliable equipment the customer can count on.  

Our solution

Flowrox offers a wide selection of products that can be customized to fit any application within the Water and Wastewater industry. Because of the rugged nature of the Municipal market, reliable operation paired with long service intervals and low maintenance costs result in a reduced total cost of ownership.

We focus on aggressive abrasive and corrosive resistant products that are able to withstand the harsh conditions which they are exposed to. Some of the main processes where you can find our product include:

Flowrox Heavy Duty Pumps
Flowrox Heavy Duty Valves
  • Primary sedimentation
  • Secondary / tertiary treatment
  • Scum or grease
  • Filter feed / dewatering
  • Thickening process
  • Digester / lagoon
  • Sampling systems
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Lime slurry
  • Carbon slurry
  • WAS sludge control
  • Grit removal
  • Raw sewage
  • Digester gasses
  • Outfall protection
  • Pipeline back flow prevention


Water and Wastewater Products Brochure
  Name Size
Flowrox water & wastewater Solutions (EN) 2 MB

Flowrox PC Pumps are designed for demanding slurry and chemical paste pumping applications They perform well handling highly viscous or shear sensitive liquids and sludges With Flowrox spiral stator technology, it is possible to deliver up to 10 bar/150 psi of pressure per single stage Flowrox PC pump operates at a higher efficiency while maintaining a lower power consumption
Flowrox Pinch Valves have excellent wear and corrosion resistance due to 13 different styles of our elastic sleeves As the valve operates, the sleeve is the only part of the valve that comes in contact with the medium Flowrox sleeves has standard opening tabs for long service intervals Heavy duty pinch valves are 100% tight, full bore
Flowrox Packaged Pumping Systems are engineered units equipped with simple site connections Packaged systems boast accurate and repeatable flow while reducing maintenance time and cost Easy customization
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