Flowrox_Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant USA


Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant



PC Pump, EL-series in wastewater process

Flowrox PC pumps stomp out the competition

Deer Island found with competitor’s pumps that every time they needed to replace the stator, they also needed to replace the rotor.  Since the start-up of Flowrox PC pumps in May 2014, the plant has only replaced two rotors.  The operators appreciate how quietly the Flowrox PC pumps run.  Flowrox PC pumps operate at a lower RPM (140 RPM vs. 300 RPM) than competitive pump while producing a significantly greater average flow rate (248 GPM average vs 172 GPM average). The plant asked Flowrox to extend stator lifetime and it was extended from 5 – 8 weeks to 6 – 8 months. Annual maintenance cost savings are approaching $100K over competing progressive cavity pumps.

Flowrox stators were lasting 5-8 weeks which was an improvement from the competition but not by much. The plant worked with Flowrox engineers to alter the stator durometer which resulted in a stator lifetime of 6-8 months at Deer Island.

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Key benefits

Increased pumping efficiency

Quality service

Substantial savings in maintenance costs

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