Spare Parts for Valves

Valve spare parts

Flowrox Valve Sleeves Flowrox SpareSleeve

We manufacture and deliver spare parts to all of our valves. 

  • Fast delivery and availability 24/7 for contract customers

  • Various material choices according to end-use applications

  • High quality

  • Service and spare part stocking agreements

  • Training

  • Analyzing and consultation services & technical support

Special sleeve design options include:

  • Conical sleeve for control valves
  • Suction (vacuum) sleeve for negative pressure applications
  • SensoMate sleeve detecting and signalling critical wear
  • Polyurethane lined sleeve with improved protection against wear
  • Extra thick polyurethane sleeve for severe wear control valve applications

To cover wide range of applications, several rubber qualities are available:

SBRT = Styrene butadieneEPDM = Ethylene propylene
NR = Natural rubberNBR = Nitrile
CSM = HypalonEPDMB = Green liquor sleeve
CR = ChloropreneIIR = Butyl
NRF = Foodstuff natural rubberNBRF = Foodstuff Nitrile
HNBR = Hydrogenated nitrileFPM = Fluorine rubber

Interested in hearing more?

For further information, please contact your local representative or fill the form.

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