Flowrox Corona

Oxidative water treatment

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Flowrox CoronaTM is a completely new approach to efficient water purification and disinfection. The treated water is contacted with non-thermal plasma, which generates strong oxidants from ambient air and the water itself. As a result, harmful pollutants are effectively degraded into natural constituents. Flowrox CoronaTM can completely replace the use of oxidation and disinfection chemicals or costly ozonation systems in water and wastewater treatment.

Flowrox CoronaTM is suitable for:

  • Color and odor removal, disinfection of potable water
  • Micropollutant destruction from biologically treated wastewaters
  • Plant cooling water purification and microbial control
  • Destruction of residual cyanates from mineral leaching processes
  • Destruction of phenolic and other dissolved, refractory and toxic compounds
  • Membrane fouling prevention

Flowrox CoronaTM is also suitable for other operations and processes. Fill in the contact form to find out more!

Benefits & features

Low energy consumption

Chemical free and low-cost operation

Robust design, care-free maintenance

Ambient temperature and pressure

Large-scale advanced oxidation process

  Name Size
Flowrox Corona (EN) 629 KB

Interested in hearing more?

For further information, please contact your local representative or fill the form.

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