Flowrox GeoBag

Roll-off geotextile filtration and dewatering unit

Flowrox GeoBag with LPP-T pump no background Flowrox_LPP-T&LPP-D-png
Flowrox GeoBagTM is a roll-off geotextile filtration and dewatering unit. It is specifically designed for dewatering of waste and process sludges and filtration of waters with high solids content. GeoBagTM enables easy and cost-efficient transportation of solids or concentrated sludge.

Flowrox GeoBagTM is based on sludge or water with flocculated solids being pumped into a geotextile bag that effectively retains the solid fraction while allowing water to pass through. A water-tight floor construction with a drain valve enables closed and clean filtration and dewatering process. For cold climate the unit can be isolated and heated.

Flowrox GeoBagTM roll-off unit includes:

  • Container and geotextile bag
  • High performance slurry pump *
  • Chemical dosing pumps *
  • Flocculation reactor module * 

       *as an option

Flowrox GeoBagTM is suitable for:

  • Sewage sludge dewatering
  • Tailings dewatering
  • Concentration of oily sludge
  • Separation of precipitated solids and impurities
  • Filtration and dewatering of clay, sand and other fine particles

Enhance Flowrox GeoBagTM Performance with

Flowrox Smart SolutionsTM

Flowrox MalibuTM is a new way to combine your process and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Remote access allows you to manage, measure and analyze the following.

Filling pump and flow monitoring:

  • Process values e.q. flow, temperature and pressure
  • Pump condition monitoring and preventive maintenance

Flowrox GeoBagTM filtering:

  • Estimated lifetime, notifies before new filter bag is required
  • Current filter bag fill level
  • Notifications about Flowrox GeoBagTM condition

Benefits & features

Cost-efficient transportation of sludge

Flowrox GeoBag comes in easy-movable container

Removes up to 90 % of water

Possible to order service based on monthly or handling fee

  Name Size
Flowrox GeoBag (EN) 781.9 KB

  Name Size
Flowrox GeoBag datasheet (EN) 498.1 KB

Interested in hearing more?

For further information, please contact your local representative or fill the form.

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