Filter Cloths

Flowrox Filter Cloths for Tower Presses

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Combining latest textile technology and practical experience results in top-of-the-line Flowrox filter cloths. Engineered for best performance and durability. Enjoy global availability of Flowrox filter cloths which will maximize your production. Flowrox filter cloths are designed and manufactured according to the quality certificates ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. Flowrox filtration professionals will provide you with the best long-term solutions.

Latest textile technology

Even though technology has significantly progressed in the last three decades, a lot of conventional filter cloths are still using the same design as 30 years ago. Using the latest findings in textile technology, Flowrox developed completely new filter cloth designs. Flowrox designs incorporate over 40 years of practical experience in filtration. The implementation of latest findings and Flowrox know-how into the design is believed to revolutionize the filter cloth field.

Wide selection to best suit your filtration process

You can choose from not only one, but three different categories: Light-Duty, Standard and Heavy-Duty. Flowrox offers 4 different widths, 17 different permeabilities and 4 different seams. Wide selection of filter cloths enables you to choose the right type of cloth for individual application, minimizing costs and maximizing production. Flowrox filtration specialists offer expert advice in every step of the way.

Flowrox filter cloth categories are based on different needs:

Light-Duty - lighter applications

  • Open and thinner structure, perform better against blinding
  • 5 different permeabilities

Standard - common applications

  • More durable than widely used filter cloths.
  • 9 different permeabilities

Heavy-Duty - the most demanding applications 

  • The most durable filter cloth on the market, engineered to handle the heaviest cakes in toughest conditions
  • 3 different permeabilities

Local service, global availability

Flowrox has local stock near to you. Enjoy prompt responses and fast deliveries at all times. Flowrox filter service professionals are spread around the globe. See below your closest Flowrox filtration specialist.

Benefits & features

Proven performance

Right filter cloth for each application

Longer lifetime

Durable, cost-efficient, latest textile technology design

Best availability

Local stock, fast deliveries

Professional support

Highly experienced Flowrox filtration specialists

Flowrox Filter Cloths datasheet
  Name Size
Flowrox Filter Cloths datasheet (EN) 157.4 KB

Interested in hearing more?

For further information, please contact your local representative or fill the form.

Beaumont, Russell
Senior Service Manager
Tel: +61 2 9114 9715
sales-au @

Rautanen, Aimo
Product Manager - Textiles & Elastomers
Tel: +358 (0)201 113 311
sales @

North America
Kitchen, Don
Filter Spares Sales & Service Manager
Tel: +1-410-636 2250
sales-us @

Russia and CIS
Petukhov, Sergey
Area Sales Manager
Tel: +7 495 726 57 41
sales-ru @

South America
Briceño, Maureen
Sales Manager, Filter Service
Tel: +56 2 3224 9704
sales-chile @

Sub Saharan Africa
Tait, Andrew
Service Business Manager
Tel: +27 (0) 10 590 8374
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