Progressive cavity pumps, E-Series

Designed for industrial slurry and paste pumping

E-series PC pumps are available with precise 2/3-lobe rotor and spiral stator technology. Rigid and tight pumping unit enables 10 bar pressure per stage and excellent efficiency.

E-series pumps are ideal especially for industrial and paste pumping applications with high viscous, corrosive or otherwise difficult or sensitive media.

  • Easy installation, fluent operation and quick maintenance
  • High pumping efficiency
  • Low lifecycle costs

Benefits & features

Low total cost of ownership

Low power consumption, high hydraulic efficiency and flow rate.

High capacity

Advanced spiral technology allows two times less rpm needed at the same flow rate.

Minimized wearing

Even wall thickness through the stator minimizes flex and backflow.

Long service intervals

Long rotor and stator lifetime.

Fast maintenance

Patented mechanical shaft seal that can be replaced in an hour.

Easy and quick installation

Over 180 degree stepless adjustment of the suction flange direction.

  Name Size
Flowrox Pumping Solutions (EN) 3.9 MB

  Name Size
PC pump Datasheet E10-10 429.5 KB
PC pump Datasheet E150-10 250.4 KB
PC pump Datasheet E2-10 316.6 KB
PC pump Datasheet E20-10 424.8 KB
PC pump Datasheet E250-10 251.4 KB
PC pump Datasheet E35-10 418.1 KB
PC pump Datasheet E4-10 295.7 KB
PC pump Datasheet E70-10 252.6 KB

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