Enhance your performance with Smart Solutions™

Flowrox Smart SolutionsTM is a new way to combine your process and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Smart valves and pumps are next generation solutions delivering data and information in order to provide reliable and cost-efficient production. The real time information from site results in optimized production, maximized output and minimized unplanned shutdowns.

Together Malibu and Smart Products create Smart Solutions™

Smart Solutions™ allow you to

Access online reporting tool

Remote access allows you to manage, measure and analyse your processes out of control room with a computer or any handheld device.

Get equipment condition and problem notifications

Monitor process operations and get analytics and reports with clear visual representation of data according to chosen indicators.

Use analytics tools for pre-failure detection

Malibu™ can predict failures before they occur, allowing you to manage unplanned shutdowns.

Compatible with your current system

Smart Solutions™ systems can be integrated to any existing process equipment and control systems and it's fully compatible with 3rd party equipment and is not meant to replace your current systems (eg. DCS, SCADA).

Interested in hearing more?

Contact Simo to find out more about our Smart Solutions™ or hear about retrofitting your existing products with Smart capabilities.

Rounela, Simo
Application Manager, Smart Solutions
Tel: +358 40 839 0015

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