Flowrox Smart Filtration Digital Service

Flowrox Smart Filtration Digital Service

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Flowrox Smart Filtration Digital Service is a turnkey solution. It enables remote, realtime insight into the filtration process and helps to troubleshoot and significantly optimize production. Smart Filtration utilizes existing control system and sensors and connects the filters to the Flowrox MalibuTM online portal.

Flowrox Smart Filtration Digital Service for all filters

Flowrox Smart Filtration can be installed on any filter and integrated with any other process equipment and control systems (DCS). Monitoring the filtration process online through Flowrox MalibuTM portal is easy and user-friendly. Access is possible when- and wherever with any computer, smart phone or other handheld device connected to the internet. The service is secured by SSL/TSL encryption. Hardware based Virtual Private Network (VPN)  and physical firewall isolate filter PLC from public network.

Production volume and process results information
  • Fast analysis of production volume and process results
  • Performance comparison between multiple filters
  • Utilities comparison and OPEX reporting
Runtime monitoring
  • Generates utilization timeline
  • Extracts most common alarms and reasons for downtime
  • Reports of chosen time periods and measurements

Key Performance Indicators - View in Flowrox MalibuTM online portal

Practical examples of analyzed process factors

  • Discover problems in drying by following abnormalities in air pressure curves. Efficiency in drying phase can be estimated from changes in pressure. Also possible cake cracking can be detected.

  • Detect cloth and membrane damages at early stage by analyzing water volume changes.

  • Ensure product quality by analyzing cake moisture or filtrate opacity and conductivity.

  • Discover indications of cloth damage and clogged grids and put a stop to decreased production, raised moisture and bending filter plates.

Benefits & features

Improved performance

Less unplanned downtime

Quick troubleshooting

Failure analysis

Interested in hearing more?

Contact Simo or fill in the contact form

Rounela, Simo
Application Manager, Smart Solutions
Tel: +358 40 839 0015

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