Larflex Check Valves

Larflex Check Valves

730M_300ppi (2) 30in Tank Overflow
Larflex check valves are specifically engineered rubber check valves that are used inline or on the end of a pipe, either flanged or clamped, to prevent backflow in a variety of applications.  The Larflex rubber check valve is a cost effective way to control back pressures from abrasive, aggressive, corrosive, and other demanding slurry applications.  They are in fully passive flow device requiring neither maintenance nor any outside sources of power or manual assistance to operate. 

Larflex check valves are offered as direct replacements for ineffective and maintenance ridden flap type check valves, commonly known to seize, rust, and bind in unwanted positions. Unlike flap type valves, the rubber check valve will handle large obstructions without jamming or having swing gates binding open.

Benefits & features

Excellent wear and corrosion resistance

No Jamming or clogging, no moving parts


Ability to be installed in remote areas

Quiet and trouble free operation

Reduced cost of ownership

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