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Flowrox Peristaltic Pump Series

Julkaisuaika 2011-08-15

Flowrox peristaltic pumps utilize a single roller design that is much more effective and cost efficient than sliding shoe or double roller designs. The Flowrox single roller design compresses the rubber hose only once every 360 degree revolution as opposed to multiple times with sliding shoe and double roller designs.  These types of pumps cannot run continuously at high rpms, so they must be shut off in order to cool down, which is not ideal or even possible in most cases.  Some processes will operate two pumps at the same time to compensate for the down time, which is costly.  The single roller allows the pump to run at much higher rpms and it eliminates 80% of the friction and heat caused by sliding shoe designs, thus requiring only a fraction of the glycerin, extending hose life, and saving a significant amount of money. A 3” single roller design pump only requires 2.2 gallons of glycerin to operate as opposed to 10 gallons for a sliding shoe design.  At $85 per gallon, you will save $663 in glycerin costs alone on each hose change with the single roller design.  The hose life of a single roller design is 2 to 5 times longer than the others so the money you will save in maintenance and operational costs in one year is typically the same amount it would cost to buy a new pump. 

Some of the other benefits include:

• Runs continuously at high speed without exceeding

intolerable temperatures and causing damage to the

pump’s hose and or bearings.

• Compresses the hose only once per revolution, offering

hose life that is up to 5X longer than shoe design


• Inline mounting capability rather than the U-shaped


• Simplified hose attachment that eliminates hose barbs

forced into the end of a hose, making the new rolling

design more secure and faster to install.

• Requires only a fraction of the glycerine in the pump

housing.  The glycerin in the Flowrox pump is used for light

lubrication and not for heat dissipation, as found in the

earlier shoe designs.

• Requires significantly less operating torque and, in most

cases, the motor size is half the motor size of traditional

peristaltic pumps – saving thousands of dollars per year

in energy consumption.

• Does not trip out at low motor speeds. Traditional shoe

peristaltic pumps may trip the motor due to the high

drag of the shoes against the hose.

• Significantly smaller than the older shoe design hose

pumps. The footprint is roughly 1/3 that of the earlier

shoe designs.

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