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Flowrox PVG valve now available with an electric actuator

Julkaisuaika 2016-05-26

Flowrox PVG valve for industrial processes is now available with an electric actuator. The automatic PVG is a robust pinch valve for shut-off applications. The PVG valve is also available with manual and pneumatic actuator.

The PVG has a full bore structure, bubble tight shut-off and long service lifetime the inside sleeve being the only replaceable part. The sleeve is naturally resistant to any scaling which breaks away when the valve is closed. It also includes opening tags to ensure that the valve opens even after a long period of time.

The Flowrox PVG is developed for processes involving abrasion, corrosion and aggressive slurries. It is a reliable isolation valve for heavy duty processes, especially for tanks, thickeners, pump isolation, process pipelines, measuring devices and sampling systems.

Flowrox PVG, a cost-effective shut-off valve:

  • Face-to-face according to industry standard - easy and quick installation!
  • No flow restriction due to full bore structure
  • Only the rubber sleeve is in contact with the medium
  • Extremely wear resistant
  • 100% tight shut-off even with particles
  • Opening tags as standard
  • Simple and low-cost to service
  • Available also with pneumatic and electric actuators

  • By selecting PVG you may forget these problems:
  • Restricted flow due to valve structure
  • Wear and breakages caused by turbulent flow, build up and light valve structure
  • Frequent maintenance due to rubber of teflon lining
  • Further information: Raimo Lavikainen, Marketing Director, tel.+358 40 513 4118

    Product inquiries:sales@flowrox.com

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